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Grater Grilled Cheese La Jolla

(858) 459-0094
723 pearl st.
La Jolla
United States

Grater Grilled Cheese was inspired by our food truck; the Greengo Grilled Cheese- the first gourmet grilled cheese in San Diego open since 2011. Our founding mission was simple; to bring to our beautiful city that cozy feeling of eating a delicious grilled cheese. Our founder, Chef Gaston Corbala thought, “Who doesn’t love a good grilled cheese?” (Very few people we presume!) With his culinary experience and cultural background, Gaston began to create grilled cheese sandwiches with a twist. From the signature Basic 5 grilled cheese made of a delicious blend of five different cheeses to the Puerto Nuevo style lobster grilled cheese, Grater Grilled Cheese brings you your not so average grilled cheese. We utilize only local and organic products and always make everything to order. We utilize only recycled materials and strive to take care of the environment and you!

Our goal is simple: Make every single sandwich the best one taking pride in what we make. And what is that?: A funky, unique, and very delicious American classic- “The Grater Grilled Cheese,” because we are making the world a Grater place one grilled cheese at a time.